About us


You are probably wondering who we are, well... good news we're just like you! Real people doing what they absolutely love! 

I founded The Base Agency because I was frustrated working in big corporates & big agencies where creativity was hindered due to time and budgets. I was working with startups across a number of industries and the general feedback was they just wanted to work with someone who understood their visions and wasn't afraid to work hard to bring them to life.

It may sound cliche but I get it. Having launched a product business myself I know what makes a brand stand out, I know the hard yards to get it to a marketable point & I LOVE clever design.



The Base Agency is a full-service agency that combines creative thought with a sound understanding of business.

The Base Agency  is built on the sole acceptance that the future will need an agency that puts marketing and real world in the same room.

Gone are the days of text book marketing, we work in your reality.

The Base Agency  is more than just an agency with big ideas; we know how to execute strategic real world marketing to bring success to your business. We come from a business background. Our strategy has been the same from the day we started; combine business and creativity in a digital environment.

Our real world experience in the digital age enables us to create engaging content with sound business communications to back strategic business goals.